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For example the word shabbath [shiyn, beth, thau] can be written in the English as shabbath, sabbath, shabbat, sabbat, etc... It was originally going to list, for reference purposes, their names, associated cultural pantheon and passages of text that mentioned the deities, or were associated with them prior to the Hebrew text being written.Add to that the fact that the Hebrew language was a new one in comparison to many of its neighbors archaeologically, and you add to the diversity of the English transliterations. While many Hebraic sects, Christians and Muslims would view themselves as being devout followers of El, Elohey, Eloah, God or Allah different titles of the Creator, they might be surprised how this studys ancient deities and their practices are incorporated into modern belief systems, even so far as aspects of our day to day living.Also, scholars have not come to any standardization as to English transliteration and that adds to the amount of various spelling of the same word. E is Before the Common Era, which relates to the time period of B. In many ways we are no different than the early Canaanites or surrounding nations, though the names we apply to our beliefs have been changed to protect the not so innocent.Baal is Canaanite/Ugaritic, but he is also in the Phoenician pantheon. Also, some deities merged at times, such as the blending of Athene, Anat, Astarte and Ishtar.The Tanak, the bulk of which is a much later writing than any of the Ugaritic texts or other cultural texts, adds the additional problem of inconsistent blending of multiple elements, by the hands of various editors with their own agendas, into one element and then there is the very late dating vowel pointing for pronunciation of the Masoretic Scribes.

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